Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too busy Falling in Like

I am so sorry my dear readers!  I haven't abandoned you.  I have met someone and I am very busy falling in like with him.  He is incredible and I am rapturous.

Since my last post, I have submitted both a short story and a poem for publication to the Everyday people.  As of right now, the poem has been upgraded to in Process and the story is still in slush.  I am excited about having a second round at the In Process rank.  I know it isn't publication, but it still means someone is seeing SOMETHING in my writing.  I just have to figure out if I polish it up to meet what they want over there at Everyday or do I go with my writer gut and pursue other venues.  I mean, if they saw something at one place at one level, there is a chance someone else will see something as well.

I have created a timeline for my novel, but in all honesty, I am in too happy a place to get into character enough to write the scenes I am on.  Do any of you ever have this problem?

What do you do when you lose interest in finishing your work because your real life is so damn good and distracting?

I know I will get back on track, but how?  I'll keep you posted about the Everyday submissions.

See ya for now.  Stay groovy!!

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  1. How 'bout a romantic short story?