Writing Career, Marketing and Tactical Goals

In Kristen Lamb's book, We are not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media, she recommends that every writer set career, marketing and tactical goals when preparing to launch their career into the internet platforms.  By doing so, you will maintain your focus and drive your career in the direction it needs to go without wasting valuable time.  As a beginning author, I have used her book as a guide to create my brand and platform upon which I can launch my writing career.

  • Strategic Career Goal: In five years, I want to be a best selling Young Adult author and poet.
  • Strategic Marketing Goal: I want the name, Christine Benson, to be synonymous with great Young Adult Literature.
  • Tactical Goals: 
    • create a platform on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter with a YA image
    • add five best selling YA authors to my network per week on each platform 
    • Follow as many YA authors as cross my path- 25 per week minimum
    • Follow the publishing houses I would like to one day publish my work
    • Follow agents who would be a good fit for my manuscript
    • Blog once a week to establish my authority as a YA author
    • Network with other authors, published and unpublished
    • Join groups that can help establish my reputation as a YA author
    • Read every blog about the craft of writing posted by my top authors, agents and publishing houses
    • Pay attention to the habits of my heroes and see if there is anything I can add to my own routine
    • Set a word count goal for each day/week and set a time to work towards that goal
Over the next several months, I intend to methodically execute these goals as a sort of checklist for my success.  Click here to watch my career as a Young Adult author grow!

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